As the first formal event of the season, Homecoming is a big deal. Picking the right gown that matches the theme and fits you style can be a challenge. You need a gown that will show off your unique style, help you stand out from your peers, and catch the eye of your crush. Here are some tips on how you can be the Belle of the Ball at your Homecoming dance.

1. Let your personality shine.

Nothing will make you more beautiful, than wearing a gown that suits your coloring and fits your personality. Never be afraid to think different. Select classy gowns in fall shades like greens, dark blues, and purples. As a general rule, you can never go wrong with darker colors because they go nicely with every skin type. Black and hot pink are perfect colors for Homecoming night. A dress that fits you just right and represents who you really are, will make you sparkle on the dance floor.

2. Go simple with bold accessories.

Try piecing a simple gown with bold accessories for Homecoming night. Some bright sparkly accessories will make it look special. A neutral gown would go great with a statement piece like a chunky necklace. For a black gown, try paring it with a diamond necklace and earrings or a brightly colored bracelet. For a white gown, black accessories will hit it just right. Go with your mood and don’t hesitate to be adventurous.

3. Choose a gown that can hold its own.

Some gown may look gorgeous, but can be bulk, itchy, and uncomfortable. If you don’t feel good in your gown, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself at Homecoming. Many women take “Beauty is Pain” to far. At Formal Dress Shops, we have a variety of Homecoming gowns that move easily, are comfortable to wear, and still drop dead gorgeous.

4. Short or long… that is the question.

This part depends on you.  The length of your gown is a big part of your look. Most girls will go with a long gown for Homecoming night. However, the rise of the shorter evening gown has been growing. Shorter dresses go perfectly with a matching high-heel sparkle sandal. Short or long, you choose!

Formal Dress Shops has a beautiful selection of short and long evening gowns perfect for Homecoming or any other formal event. Follow these tips and you will be all set for your big night!