So your son or daughter just got engaged. Traditionally the mother of the bride and mother of the groom have different roles to play in the wedding. In this modern age, what are your responsibilities and how involved should you be in your son or daughter’s wedding? We have the inside scoop on what you should know. Let the wedding planning begin!

What Are The Details?

The most important thing is to discuss the wedding details with the bride and groom. Find out how involved they want you to be, what your role is, and whether your ideas are welcome. Will you be paying for the wedding or will expenses be shared? Be supportive of whatever plans they make.

Shopping for “The Dress”

This is an intimate day for the bride and her close friends, usually the mother of the bride and bridesmaids. As a mother of the groom, wait to see if you are invited. Give lots of positive feedback to help the bride feel beautiful and confident!

Keep Traditions Going

Does your family have any special wedding traditions? Something blue or borrowed? These can add a special touch to your son or daughter’s special day. Ask the bride and groom about including them in the ceremony.

What You Should Wear

Pick a dress that will match the theme of the wedding. You will be in multiple photos with the bridal couple, so choose something that matches. Never overshadow the bride. If you are the mother of the bride, let the mother of the groom know what you are going to wear ASAP.

Guest List: How Big?

Ask you son or daughter how big the wedding will be and how many people you can invite. Will it be an intimate wedding with just close friends or family or a huge affair that extends to acquaintances?

Mom is Might

The most important thing to remember is to stay mom. Above all you job is to be supportive during the planning and lead up to the wedding. Relieve any stress that you can. They are sure to have some nerves along the way.