Sports Illustrated made history recently by placing their first ever plus-size model, Robin Lawley, into their annual swimsuit issue.

Lawley may be the first plus size to be featured in the issue but Ashley Graham also made history by being the first plus-size model placed in an ad. That is a double-whammy of love and a huge step forward for plus-size models being introduced into the mainstream media. This shines a huge light on sizes other than 0-4 that have been ignored for years. After all, our girl Marilyn Monroe was a dress size 12.

At Formal Dress Shops, we cater to a variety of sizes, including plus sizes. With the fashion industry catching on more than four sizes, there’s still hope for us girls to feel confident when shopping for evening attire. Here are 5 tips on how to dress your size withcomfort and confidence.


Abolero is considered a lifesaverto most during events. It provides the right amount of coverage, while keeping things optional. If you feel the need to be sleeveless then feel free to take the jacket it off and enjoy.


High-slits are very daring and will definitely make you the center of attention.The slit helps keepthe focus on your leg and takes away from the rest of the look.If you’re comfortable with taking risks this style will compliment you. 


Ruchingpresents the dress in a goddess style. It complementsthe figure as a whole because all the fabric rushing adds to the silhouette of your body and not the details. If you more comfortable hiding more than rushing will fit your style.


Corsets will always beon your side when it comes to accentuating your cures. It puts your waist and bust in place while giving you a more mature look. It is a classic look that has been around for centuries and will continue to be the number one choice for a curve-hugging look.


In this case, the more details on the dress the better. Appliques help with two tricks; it offers a unique chic style and it covers up any details on your tummy. It’s a great dress to conquer when in doubt of finding your unique style.