Glam Up Your Sequin Dress: Accessory Guide

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Posted on May 17 2024

Sequin Dresses: Sparkle Elegantly

Mastering the art of wearing a sequin dress involves smart accessorizing. With the right styling, sequin dresses exude sophistication. It all boils down to the choice of accessories. A modest necklace and a couple of tasteful studs might be just the ticket if your party dress is already bold on its own. Remember, sometimes the most exquisite things come in small packages

How to Pair Earrings with Sequins:

Diamonds are a timeless choice. A classic pair of diamond earrings adds a touch of beauty to sequin-adorned dresses. If you're seeking a bit more flair than traditional studs offer, consider statement earrings, but ensure they don't overpower the look. Be cautious with earrings that cover the entire ear, as they might verge on ostentatious, even when paired with the most refined sequin dresses. Mixing different gemstones is an option, but maintain a consistent color palette, or at least ensure they complement your party dress.

Simplicity speaks volumes. If you prefer a subtler shimmer without gemstones, plain metals are a versatile choice that complements nearly all sequin dresses. Opt for silver or gold pendant earrings without embellishments. Some pendants even feature unique shapes like zigzags and stars. Select the metal that harmonizes with your sequins and leave the intricate tassel or chandelier earrings behind.

Go for the drop... earrings! While hoops evoke a nostalgic charm, drop earrings provide a more refined alternative. Sequin dresses already radiate brilliance, so to maintain an air of elegance, stick to earrings with one or a few dangling strands of gemstones. Remember: size matters.

Can I Wear A Necklace With My Sequin Dress?

Similar guidelines to those for earrings apply to accessorizing sequin dresses with necklaces: less is best. In fact, sequin dresses often require no necklace, particularly if you've chosen a stunning pair of earrings!

Let the neckline be your guide. Allow the neckline of your sequin dress to dictate whether a necklace is necessary. V-neckline party dresses provide the space for simple, slightly longer pendant necklaces, as the deeper cut allows more room for jewelry. However, don't feel obliged to fill in the space when the dress itself is already adorned with sparkle. What about strapless dresses? If you're wearing a strapless sequin dress, the general advice is to skip the necklace. If you want to wear one, opt for shorter pieces. This holds true for sweetheart necklines, straight necklines, and off-the-shoulder necklines as well. Choose a short necklace in a solid color or with just a few stones (nothing too elaborate or glittering).

Can I Wear A Bracelet With A Sequin Dress?

Bracelets follow the same principles as other accessories for sequin dresses. Consider the type of sleeves on your dress before deciding on a bracelet.

If the wrist is hidden, there's no need to wear a bracelet. Long-sleeve sequin dresses render bracelets unnecessary, as the wrists are already covered (and gleaming). Forgo bangles altogether when donning long sleeves.

No need to hold back if the wrist is visible! Short-sleeve and sleeveless sequin dresses provide an opportunity for a subtle bracelet to complement the sparkle. A small bangle, charm, cuff, or link bracelet will add a touch of beauty.

From earrings to necklaces and bracelets, the right jewelry paired with sequin dresses can elevate your look, whether it's playful or sophisticated. Learning how to accessorize sequin dresses may take a bit of trial and error, but don't be afraid to experiment with new combinations. Sometimes, one or two accessories are all you need. And remember, sequin dresses can dazzle all on their own. Keep shining!



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